Monday, October 11, 2004

Tough loss

After going three years without a road victory, the Lions made it two in a row Sunday with a 17-10 victory over Vick and the previously unbeaten Atlanta Falcons.

Detroit (3-1) harassed Vick into three turnovers, including a fumble in the final minute that sealed the victory.

We were simply outplayed. I think we were caught up in our own glory and took it too relaxed. We could have torn up the Lions but they played with 100% intensity and we didn't compliment that. We couldn't get our offense off the ground to much to make plays. Their defense forced turnover after turnover and it just ultimatley led to the loss. We have a tight schedule year long with no real breaks. We need to work on a alot of things this week and if we can improve the protection we should start a new streak.