Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Like that Gershwin Tune

Who Could Ask For Anything More? Four touchdowns from Michael Vick (his career high) and an overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers! (Didn't they win the Super Bowl sometime recently?)

Two nice do-overs here: one for Morten Anderson, who got to put us over the top (41-38) with a field goal that made up for the 52-yarder that missed during regulation time. The other was for all of us who weren't satisfied with the previous meeting between the Steelers and Falcons, an overtime 34-34 tie.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Michael Vick and the gang sure need to work on converting those long drives into real scores. Six trips inside the twenty and no TD? C'mon, guys! The golden goose has laid the golden ticket for you. The Atlanta Falcons could be the best team in the league if they didn't buckle at the 20. Try getting the ball to Fred McCrary more.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Chalk Up Another Falcons Win to Our Defense

The Arizona Cardinals did manage a TD against us, but that wasn’t the fault of the Falcons’ defense. (It was a 99-yard run made by Adrian Wilson after he made an interception.) Gee, if our defense gets any more consistent, the games will start to get boring.

Not really. But, c’mon guys, there’s a way to make things a bit more exciting: when we get down close to the goal line, say, inside the 20, we might surprise our opponents and make a touch down. I mean, Morten Andersen is amazing – his tying his career record with 5 field goals in a game was to me the most impressive thing about the whole game on Sunday. But he’s going to eligible for Social Security soon, I believe, so we really, really want to find a way to score from that red zone!